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Maree’s Upcoming Events!

Transformational Shift Events – Sedona, Arizona Conference September 27-29th 2019

Maree will be speaking at this event. Please visit Transformational Shift Events website for details



Maree will be speaking at this event , see below link for details



2 thoughts on “Upcoming Events

  1. Hi Maree: Would love to go but we are getting ready for the Eclipse here in California and I will be attending the EclipseofDisclosure.com events in Mt. Shasta with Corey Goode next week. I hope you have a great time. I watch Alexandra Meadors’ web site for good information.

    How was your trip to Ganeshpuri? I was thinking about you there as I go there in my meditation.

    I just spent 3 days with Desda Zuckerman in Sebastopol in California learning her technique of seeing the Subtle Anatomy. I am sure you would be interested in this work. I believe it could be essential for helping people with Kundalini crises. The web site is : YourSacredAnatomy.com Desda lives in a town north of here and I have been learning her method of working with others without getting hit with negative energies and without getting entangled. It is amazing work. She spent 40 years trying to understand it. However, I believe it is part of the Hindu scriptures and probably Chinese, but in such obscure language that it is not easy for us to understand. However Desda has really spent a long time to diagram and explain how the soul energy is contained in a kind of egg structure and how the parts of it interact. This work is truly the next step for humanity to learn as once you use it, clearing out entities and negative bundles of energy is a snap. I am sure if you wanted to have her on a talk show she would be a fascinating guest speaker.

    Take care,

    Ruth Angela (http://TheGurusGift.com – my book “The Guru’s Gift: A Kundalini Awakening” by Ruth Angela)


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